Lab News

October 2014:

Yi Zhang's work on capilarry foams has recieved publicity in Sience360 and World Industrial Reporter.

Congrats to Yi Zhang on his recent publication in Angewandte Chemie.

Congrats to Timi Fadiran on his paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Advanced Polymer Interfaces and Materials
Unprecedented Challenges

Today, humanity faces unprecedented challenges in the global distribution of energy, food, water, and healthcare.  While there are many aspects to these complex problems, one issue that is certain to play a pivotal role in any solution is materials.

Finding alternative methods for power generation and transmission (fuel cells, solar), energy-efficient separations processes (membranes for carbon capture), and packaging (renewable plastics) relies on developing new, advanced materials that can carry out specific functions with high specificity and reliability.  Alternative Methods for Power Generation

Industry and society have come to rely upon polymers as a relatively cheap and plentiful source of raw materials for products.  However, most advanced materials involve multiple components with complex interfaces between different components.  For example polymer-ceramic and polymer-metal composites and nanocomposites find use in packaging, automobiles, catalysts, separations, electronics, sensors, and bioengineering.

In my group, we focus on developing the science and technology of these interfaces, with a particular emphasis on advanced polymer-zeolite and polymer-metal composite materials for energy and sensor applications. A second strong interest of my group is applying this knowledge to develop new renewable polymer resources, for example utilizing forest biomass.

Our efforts focus on the following key thrusts, with current project areas listed below. In addition, a list of current publications may be found in my CV.  Thank you for your interest in our work at Georgia Tech. We are grateful for the support of our past and present collaborators and funding partners.